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Tuesday 21st September

Latest Developments
15.00 -17.00 20 Years of Cré – Looking Back & into the Future
Martin Eves, Chairman, Cré

Ministerial Address: Ossian Smyth T.D., Minister of State with special responsibility for Communications and Circular Economy

EU Biogas Policy Update - Getting Fit for 55 & Mapping the State of Play of Renewable Gases in Europe
Susanna Pflüger, European Biogas Association

Experience of UK Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation
David Hurren, UK CEO, Air Liquide Biogas Solutions Europe

Consultation on the Introduction of a Renewable Heat Obligation
Fiona McManus, Assistant Principal, Department of the Environment, Climate & Communications

Italy’s Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for Compostable Packaging
Marco Versari, President of Biorepack, Italy
Wednesday 22nd September

The Future of Peat

15.00 -17.00 Brief Overview of Peat Reduction Initiatives in Some EU Countries
Percy Foster, CEO of Cré

Peat Replacement Developments in Norway
Henrik Lystad, CEO, Norwaste, Norway

Global Peatlands Initiative
Dianna Kopansky, Coordinator of the Global Peatlands Initiative
United Nations Environment Programme
Thursday 23rd Sept

Virtual Tours of Compost & Biogas Plants
15.00 -17.00City of Toronto Combined Biogas & Composting Plant, Derek Sawyer
The City of Toronto currently owns two organics processing facilities which utilize anaerobic digestion technology to annually process 130,000 tonnes of organics from residential households participating in the City’s green-bin program. All processing occurs in enclosed buildings under negative pressures and within sealed digesters which capture the biogas being generated from the process for conversion into Renewable Natural Gas. The digesters’ solids are further processed into AA compost.

Miller Compost Bloomington Facility, Richmond Hill, Kyle Howes
One of two 50,000-tonne-per-year outdoor windrow composting facilities that Miller Waste Systems owns and operates, the Bloomington Facility has been in operation for over thirty years, processing 50,000 tonnes of leaf & yard material and organics from residential, commercial and industrial locations within York Region and neighbouring municipalities. The site produces high quality compost that is in high demand for use by residents, landscapers and soil blenders. An active and valued member of the Compost Council of Canada for 30 years, Miller Compost actively engages in local community projects including community gardens, local farming, research projects, and other sustainable initiatives.

Miller's Escarpment Renewables facility (AD), Sam Huang
Escarpment Renewables, located in Grimsby, ON, is an anaerobic digestion facility that’s permitted to processes 23000 tonnes of organics annually and has a FIT contract to export 1MW of green electricity. The site was originally built and operated by the Town of Grimsby, and it was put up for sale in 2019. After Escarpment Renewables took ownership of the site, a large amount of site upgrades was completed and various on-going issues with compliance were dealt with. Currently, the site receives pre-processed SSO from curbside collection, pre-processed IC&I organics, as well as various IC&I liquids. The digestate is managed through a dedicated farm lagoon as well as direct to land application.

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